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Guide (1965): Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye, Haaye Re Haaye Haaye.

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WELCOME TO INDIA.[Revised periodically with new additions]
From time immemorial, India is fascinating the whole world starting with Alexander the Great, and then the Christians,the muslims, the Jews, the Spanish,the British,the French,the Dutch,the Portuguese and the list goes on.
If you are planning to come to India,first know this country and collect information as much as possible. Choose the location and find out the best months to visit.For example April,May, are extremely hotter months to India and a traveller from a temperate country can not withstand the heat. The west coast is lashed by southwest monsoon rains during June,July,August and the east coast is lashed by northwest monsoon rains during Ocotober and November. December and Janauary are colder months to north.
In my view, http://www.travelblog.org/ is one of the best source and when you are planning
to visit this country read the tips suggested by Raju.Travel forum>Asia travel forum>some useful help for India travel by rajuindia >Dec 21st 2007 entry. [15th page]

Oh teens! return safely with pleasant memories !
[photo and text : courtesy OUTLOOK. India]
In India the train journey is economical, comfortable and to some extent even luxurious.  When you travel by sleeper coach a/c you are provided with clean blanket,pillows,towel and a bedsheet.Each super fast train is having a pantry car from which starting with morning coffee,tea,breakfast,lunch and dinner all come as time passes .Quality assured mineral water with a brand name rail neer is of significance. In addition cool drinks and snacks come regularly all make the journey not so tedious. When the train stops at major halts , a group of people will come ,few will clean the toilets and sprinkle perfumes, some will clean the compartment, others will clean the window glasses , all take place within a few mts .The only impediment is reservation. Visit the website www.indianrail.gov.in noted for its rich content. Browse the places of tourist interest, Indian railways network map, facilities for international tourists, international tourist bureaus, indrail pass, budget travel and everything else.
The railways offer another website www.railtourismindia.com managed by Indian railway catering and tourism corporation which is also rich in information. Browse for tour packages and other services. There is one Buddhist train, mahaparinirvan special train which is for Buddhist pilgrimage. This website has all the information regarding Buddha and his life and the places associated with him. Also visit another rich website
http://www.irctc.co.in/ for online reservation,cabs,hotels,tour packages,and tourist trains.
This is the message from the website
 hosted by ministry of tourism, govt of India .Browse 1.plan your travel with us 2.luxury tours 3.travel packages 4.north India tours 5.south India tours 6.directory of travel agents 7.tour operators 8.package tours 9.honeymoon and romantic holidays 10.tailor made tours 11. hotel reservation.12.car rentals 13.airline tickets and other informations.


Informative website http://www.up-tourism.com is from the state of Uttar Pradesh where almost all important places such as tajmahal, Agra fort, Varnasi etc are located. Have advance information such as visiting hours, dates of night viewing, charges, purchasing of night viewing tickets, etc on tajmahal from the FAQs section. Also browse for package tours, accommodation, guides in English and other languages, paying guest accommodation, tourist map of Uttar Pradesh, tourist offices in India and overseas, and other important information. It is one of the sites which offer links to all other Indian states.[see FAQs]
view http:/picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Tajmahal.

Package tours.
http://www.north-india-tour-packages.com is the website to cover the north Indian states Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan,Himachal Pradesh,Delhi, and Jammu-Kashmir.Also visit this website http://www.incrediblehimalayas.com/ to get an idea about the himalayan states.


Apples, Himalayas, snow clad mountains, glaciers, and perennial streams. This is Himachal Pradesh. State capital Simla.Visit http://himachaltourism.gov.in/ for more. Browse 1. The picture gallery for places, adventure tourism, flora and fauna, lakes and landscapes, temples and people.
Visit 2. Tourist spots, 3.clickable district map of Himachal Pradesh, locate Dharamshala where Tibetian Buddhist spiritual leader H.H.Dalai lama is residing and 4. Read travel tips covering do’s and don’ts.
Himachal Pradesh is well connected by road, rail and air and browse for 5. access to Himachal .rail transport with timetable, distances from major cities, road transport served by HPTDC 6..ecotourism,adventures,and trek routes. Get information from 7.contact us and tourist information centers within the state and outside Himachal Pradesh. Informative website covering all aspects. In addition browse
www.himachalhotels.in and for online reservation log in: http://www.hptdc.gov.in/
For an ablum on Kullu Manali,Rohtang pass etc browse
http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 .
Welcome to Tamilnadu,one of the states,having ancient culture,rich heritage and a language ,Tamil, perfected some 2000 yrs back. Please click http://www.tamiluniversity.ac.in/   http://www.tamilvu.org/  for furthur information.This is the land where the British entered India as East India company and later declared their supremacy as ‘ the sun never sets in the British empire’.Full of ancient temples and traditions, the land has several granite wonders.For more information ,see the website, hosted by Tamilnadu tourism http://www.tamilnadutourism.org/ . The ttdc offers attractive package tours with excellent accommodation and transport facilities.The ttdc maintained hotel netwoks, are economical,luxurious, to meet the budget travellers.email ttdc@vsnl.com. For online reservations log on to http://www.ttdconline.com .You can contact offices at Mumbai,NewDelhi,Kolkatta,and Jaipur .Find out the phone numbers from the website.South Indian menu has a wide range of vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes which are tasty,spicy and a little bit hot.Before you leave Tamilnadu,better experience the menu . Choice of your hotel is more important. www.saravanabhavan.com for total vegetarian dishes.Browse the various items and read yourself.Locate the nearest branch.If you are interested you can try 1.gulab jamun,2.wheat halwa,3.spl nellai halwa,4.laddu.5.jangiri 6.mysore pauk[sweets]1.fried cashewnuts 2.karaboondi 3.omapodi 4.thenkuzhal[savouries] 1. idli 2.parotta 3..pongal,vadai 4..poori 5.rava dosa [tiffin] and one complete ordinary meals during lunch.This list has been given ,taking into consideration ,of your digestive system.
Visit this website

One of the granite wonders of India. No boarding and lodging facilities .Nearest town Jayamkondam.April and May are hot .Convenient locations are Kumbakonam,Tanjore,Thiruchirapalli.Browse road map. Read history,temple architecture and sculpture details www.tamilartsacademy.com
For an album on gangaikondacholapuram visit http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48


Nattukkottai chettiar-nagarathar is an ancient community –chettinadu is their homeland comprising Karaikudi and adjoining 74 villages-family profession business and banking. The grand parents of the present generation earned wealth –most of them in south east Asia and spent a portion of the wealth in charity esp. for education, temples and choultry etc.Two philanthropists are notable 1.Dr.Raja Sir Annamalai chettiar and his family who founded Annamalai university, at Chidambaram,south arcot dist,and 2.Dr.Alagappa chettiyar who founded the present Alagappa university ,at Karaikudi.chettinadu is famous for its rich veg and non veg cousines.for more information browse http://chettinad.itgo.com/  for tourism, history, site map etc.For stay, browse http://www.chettinadumansion.com. It has information in English and French covering location, gallery, and contact us details, Also browse Anjappar chettinadu , [non vegetarian]for branches in Chennai and abroad.Browse chettinadu in google for all information related to chettinadu.
2 hrs drive from Tiruchy or Tanjore or Madurai.30 mts drive from Karaikudi.Home of Dr.Raja Sir Annamalai chettiyar, who founded Annamalai University and his son Dr.Raja Sir Muthaiya chettiyar and his family.All the buses from Tiruchy to Karaikudi or Tanjore to Karaikudi or from Karaikudi to the above places pass through this place.

5 kms from Karaikudi. On the highway from Karaikudi to Madurai or Rameswaram. Abode of lord Muruga.
12 kms from Karaikudi.On the highway from Karaikudi to Madurai or Rameswaram.Abode of lord Ganesh-Karpagavinayagar who fufills every wish.
In addition there are large numbers of places to visit .for more information browse http://chettinad.itgo.com/

visit http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on chettinadu.


The pages of history are filled with the stories of kings and heroes noted for their heroism and velour.One such was RAJA DESINGH[TEJ SINGH] and his friend MAHABUTKHAN.Gingee fort stands as the remaining evidence of the existence of these valiant people.Read more from the authentic stone inscriptions in the album.The nearest towns are TINDIVANAM,VILLUPURAM,TIRUVANNAMALAI.The route is Chennai or Pondicherry >Tindivanam>Gingee <villupuram or Thiruvannamalai.See the locations and route map of Tamilnadu from locations of profdrsdgallery of picasaweb.Buses are frequent.Get down at the bus stand or +junction road and have an autorickshaw.The fare is Rs 25 or 30.Oneday is required to cover all the places. visit Rajagiri fort complex in the morning and Krishnagiri fort complex in the evening.Have sufficient amount of food,water and snacks before your visit..For more details visit http://www.picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48


Tiruvannamalai,an ancient temple of lord Shiva, is in between Katpadi[Vellore]and Gingee.It is believed that god manifests here in the form of fire or agni and the energy radiating from this temple bestows peace of mind and many saints preferred this place for the salvation of their souls.Under full moon light of each month people circumambulate[Girivalam] the hill and return back.Buses all over Tamilnadu and adjoining states of Andhrapradesh,Karnataka,and Kerala make regular trips to this place.This place is frequented by people of all nations.Visit the official website www.arunachaleswarar.com for tourist information and other particulars.Visit http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Tiruvannamalai.


Certain places ,irrespective of religions,may offer peace and tranquility.Visit Thirukkalukundram ,an ancient shiva temple near Chengelpattu.Find out the location and route map from locations-tamilnadu-profdrsdgallery of picasaweb.Buses are frequent .Walkable distance from the bus stop .The route is Chennai>Chengelpattu>Thirukkalukundram>Kalpakkam.or Mammallapuram>Thirukkalukundram.Evening is preferable.Avoid April,May,June.Watch out for the timings for entry.During evening it opens at 4.30 p.m.Have a stick for the monkeys.Visit http://www.picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for more details.


Despite relentless exploitation,kollihills still maintains its beauty and charm.An ideal place for treckkers since there are no wild animals such as elephants etc.June to March are best months to visit.Oneday will be enough for nature lovers.Visit http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for more details on kollihills.[For more information on FLORA OF KOLLIHILLS,read FLORA OF CARNATICS by Rev.Fr.Dr.Mathew.,Rapinat herbarium,St.Joseph's college,Tiruchirapalli,for his extensive exploration and meticulous documentation covering all aspects of Kollihills.  I was part of the team during the first exploration.1979-1980. ]


Experience the power of nature that can bestow you peace and tranquility. Located amidst greenery, near  Semmedu and adjacent to boat house the cottage can accommodate luxuriantly a family of five members .Three options are available. 1. Self cooking 2.Bring your own food and related items to spend a restful holiday . 3.Get food from the adjacent hotels at Semmedu. For more details  kindly email  damodaran48@gmail.com  Click this album for more details.  http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 .Separate accommodation for the driver.!


Another interesting hillrange ,adjoining kollihills is Pachamalai but less in height.The people are hardworkers and selfsuffecient in food and other basic needs.Visit http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for more details on Pachamalai.


If you are near Tanjore,Tiruvarur,or Mannargudi  visit Kothandarama swamy temple at Vaduvur. See yourself the unsurpassing beauty of Kothandaramar along with his consort Sitadevi,brother Lakshmanar and shri Anjaneyer.The temple is on the state highway between Mannargudi and Tanjore, near Mannargudi.Click  this link for 1.how to reach,2.location etc,etc. https://sites.google.com/site/vaduvur/.Click this link for a calendar to see the temple events- vaduvur @gmail.com.Click  images in google and view  this image for one of the best photographs[see original image]  .

http://www.karnatakatourism.org for important tourist places,distance between them,how to reach,accommodation etc,etc,.Download a road map of Karnataka from google search.Know the places covering heritage, nature,wildlife,beaches,and adventrure. Uneven topography.Seventy percent, hills with dense forests.Roads often winding through hills and forests.Karnataka state road transport corporation buses are convenient [KSRTC].June to September south west monsoon..Heavy rainfall with westerly, chill winds.[although tourist centres appear very near in a map they are reachable by more than four hours journey as the vehicle often goes through ghat sections.]

Important pilgrimage centre associated with jain religion.Know much about Jainism .Also know about complete salvation or attaining nirvana. Nearest town Chennarayapatna .From here KSRTC buses are very frequent.Almost thirty to forty mts to reach Shravanabelagola.Always prefer morning or evening as one has to ascend the footsteps barefoot.Leave your footwear and luggage near the entrance ,maintained by the office.If you are a patient,or, aged, dholly is available at a nominal charge to be paid at the office. Four men will carry you upto the top and will bring you back after dharshan .A good number of vegetarian hotels are available but enquire about the best.see http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Shravanabelagola.


Masterpieces of Hoysala architecture. Built in 1121 A.D.nearest town HASSAN.At Hassan bus stand, enquire about the bus, going for Helebidu temple.Presiding deity lord shiva -Hoysaleswara.much damage has been done to the sculptures through ages. Avail the help of a guide to see the intricacies of sculptures.Panels of sculptures ,depicting important episodes from great epics Ramayana and Mahabaratha,and images of Hindu gods are carved from the stones which are of surpassing beauty.A visual feast!Observe the ornaments and jewellery,physical features,armoury, beauty of dancing girls etc,etc. Visit the govt art gallery . Visit the jain temples nearby at walkable distance .An autorichshaw at a very minimal fare can be arranged for the trip.At the jain temple only beautiful pillars inside the temple and nothing more.Vans are frequent to Belur[17 kms] from Helebidu . minimal fares[rs 10/- per person .july-2008.] Visit Helebidu in the morning and Belur in the evening because sculptures are on the outerwalls of the temple at Helebidu while at Belur sculptures are inside the temple which are to be seen with the help of focus light.While daylight will help for photography at Helibedu perfect photography is not possible at Belur because of poor indoor light conditions inside the temple. see http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Helebidu and the jain temples.
Master pieces of Hoysala architecture. Built in 1127 A.D. More fascinating and beautiful sculptures than Helebidu. Most of the sculptures are intact because of protection inside the temple.Pay the charge for focus light to view the details.Avail the help of the guide.If you have enough time have the maha darshan at 7.30 in the evening.The presiding deity,Chennakesava perumal is most beautiful .see http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Belur.photography is difficult because of poor light conditions.

One of the four centres or mutts founded by Adishankara. Visit http://www.sringeri.net. Know more about Sringeri,know Adishankara ,Sringeri sharadapeetham,how to reach it,accommodation ,the reason for the name Sringeri,and its importance.[browse for the lifehistory of Adishankara] see http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Sringeri.
Nearest town Sagara or Shimoga. Buses are frequent.see the spectacular view of falling Sharavati river from a height of 810 feet .Guest houses are available from the forest department. See http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Jogg falls.
On the shores of Arabian sea.A giant Shiva statue on a small hill ,the temple and its gopuram,the sculptures and the beach,the Arabian sea all make this a picnic spot. See
http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Murdeshwar.KOLLUR-MOOKAMBIKA.Visit this ancient temple and have a darshan of shri Mookambika.Guest houses run by the temple and private are available.[somewhat remote]


Often nicknamed as the Scotland of India,Coorg or Kodagu is the largest producer of coffee in India. Read its history and other details from wikipedia. Coorg orange is famous for its taste and nutrients. River Cauvery takes its origin from Coorg at Talacauvery.Madikeri or Mercara is the dt headqrs.The coorgs or kodavas are the native people. You may come across with a coorg or kodava,who is tall ,fair,handsome,with his traditional dress and a dagger in his waist and the woman with the characteristic pattern of sari wearing.Visit http://www.karnataka.com  ,click Madikeri/coorg and click kodavas of coorg.View the photo of a beautiful couple in their traditional dress. Click images in Google and type kodavas and search pages containing more information.Visit http://www.coorgtourisminfo.com  and http://www.travelcoorg.com  for more information on coorg.Visit http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48  for an album covering Coorg.One of the websites on coorg says"one trip to Coorg and it will haunt you for the rest of your life.you might leave coorg but Coorg will never leave you".Experience it by yourself.!


Using Google map, locate Goa ,on the west coast of southern penninsula,facing the Arabian sea. Visit the official website http://www.goa-tourism.com/ [one of the best websites ] for complete information on everything a tourist needs. Also read the story of its liberation from the Portuguese using www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/History/1960s/Goa  .Flanked by the northern end of the western ghats on one side and Arabian sea on the other, it is lush green throughout esp. the south goa. Of all the states ,Goa is the most frequented place by foreighners ,and at several places the number of foreighners even outnumber the locals.Type places to see in Goa and review each one. Using Google search, type" beaches in Goa"and read the names and reviews of Goa beaches. Despite several mishappenings ,Goa beaches lure foreighners to the maximum. If you have passion for swimming, watch out for the red and yellow flag, strictly follow the guidelines and rules displayed on the boards. If you are in teens, never entertain strangers, and don't move along secluded places.


Plan your schedule and be at 5 o' clock in the evening to enjoy the Mondovi river cruise. Buy the ticket at the earliest, and select the front row or second or third to have a clear view. The show is intended to offer glimpses of Portuguese life and culture with dances ,music and entertainment, As the sun sets, have the glimpses of beautiful Mondovi river all along with various kinds of ships with full of lights.


The Goa tour will be complete, with St.Francis Xavier chapel visit , located at old Goa.This is partly a "CHAPELLE ARDENTE"Read more about St.Francis Xavier, the patron saint of Goa ,his arrival in the year 1542 AD ,his missionary service, and more ,using wikipedia. To see the beautiful architecture, and to enjoy the spiritual tranquility , at least half a day is required. See yourself the preserved body of St.Francis Xavier ,his belongings, and other details and seek his blessings for peace and prosperity


Visit Shri Mangesh temple at Mangeshi,Goa during an evening and view the temple architecture and other details all around. Read more on this temple using www.shrimangesh.org  .Enjoy the peace , serenity and lush green landscape all around .Another temple is Shri Shantadurga ,noted for the peaceful Durga ,[ an exception.] It is said that she is an embodiment of the of the Goan people attitude towards life. Visit
www.shreeshantadurga.com   for more details.For an album on GOA visit www.picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for all the details.

Visit the official website http://www.keralatourism.org/ for tourism related information.Also visit http://www.keralatourism.com/ .Using google map find out the road map and view the satellite imageries because most of the region lies in between hill ranges[western ghats]JUNE-SEPTEMBER southwest monsoon.Intermittent rains but nature is in its full splendour during these monsoon months.[ask for offseason tariff for rooms during monsoon months]
MUNNAR and Thekkady.

Hills, full of tea bushes.Tea estates and tea factories in all directions.Every hotel has a printed booklet "In and around Munnar"containing the names of places to visit.Have one for yourself and tick the places you covered. Visit the website
www.indialine.com/travel/kerala/munnar for detaild account on Munnar.Travel through the road Munnar to Thekkady for beautiful scenery.Visit www.picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Munnar and Thekkady.


Type Kerala house boat in the search box of Google. Pages containing booking,packages,honeymoon,reviews,tariff,tours,cruise,rates,cost,etc will appear.Read the reviews.Using Google map ,locate Alleppey from Cochin Ernakulam .Locate Vembanadu lake.It is a large waterbody with a network of canals of several kms long .June to August 15th is off season..Boats of all types.Small,medium,large,single,double,triple bedrooms,lower and upper decks etc.Each boat is fitted with a generator and complete with all amenities.The govt is enforcing strict rules to keep the ecosystem unspoiled and hence it is obligatory on the part of the occupant not to throw plastic waste into the lake.Book in advance with preferences in detail such as veg or non veg,coffee or tea ,preferences for Kerala cuisines etc.Type cuisine of kerala in wikipedia and read more.For your breakfast taste idiyappam,puttu,idli.For your lunch experience Sadya[ fine rice ] with payasam and pappadam and avial.Your preferences list can include nendran banana chips .For supper ,taste chappati and parotta.Check in and check out time is 12 noon -9a.m ,the next day.On entering the boat, there will be a briefing about your cruise and after a welcome drink the cruise will steer through the waters and as time passes you will be served lunch, tea and snacks in the evening .Around 5.30 p.m the boat will be moored at a convenient location where you have to spend the night in the boat.Tasting your supper,enjoy the tranquility [ occasional splashing of waters ]and the night sky.In the morning coffee or tea and sooner breakfast will be served with the return of the boat to its jetty for the check out to make ready for the next occupant.You have to give a feedback at the end of the trip.A cherishable experience in one's life.visit www.picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album on Kerala house boat trip and details.For an excellent vedio click http://www.youtube.com/ ,type keralatourismdotorg and select Nehru Boat race -part 1 -3.

Click www.picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 and know the holidays and timings to visit Mattancherry palace or Dutch palace ,Paradesi synagogue etc.Using wikipedia know much about Mattancherry palace and Paradesi synagogue and the boat jetty for vypeen island.All are near to each other.No photography is allowed inside Mattancherry palace museum and Paradesi synagogue.Using google images ,see the photographs taken inside Mattancherry palace and Paradesi synagogue.It is said , the tiles of the floor of the paradesi synagogue ,donated by chinese,although they are similar in appearance ,each differ from the other by a single difference.Verify yourself when you visit .Observe all the rules and regulations ,when you visit Paradesi synagogue.The Jewish kingdom [ see the murals and read the history inside]-town once vibrant now almost deserted and dotted with antique shops.Read more from wikipedia.Don't forget to purchase the booklet , authentic history of the Kerala jews,sold by the Mattancherry Paradesi synagogue. Lastly visit the boat jetty for vypeen island .Read more about vypeen island using wikipedia and see yourself how the entire transportation is carried out in a matter of few minutes.

If you are spiritually inclined, visit the birth place of Adi Shankara .It is 8kms from Angamaly[a large town near cochin airport , with a wide range of hotels to stay] and it is convenient to reach the place by an autorickshaw.The fare is Rs 90 from the main bus stop of Angamaly. [one way -sep 2009]It can also be reached by bus ,but the bus will stop at Kalady town and you have to hire an auto for another two kms to reach the temple.Using https://photos.app.goo.gl/ro3tnNzRXzoCT2K52  know the temple timings and other details such as email, website, facilities for lodging etc.Using http://www.sringeri.net/ read the life history of Adishankara,the founder of Advaita philosophy in Hindu religion,and how he established a great religious empire within the age of 32.In those days where journey across distant lands was only by foot, know about how he discharged his duty to his mother ,when she was nearing her end.See yourself the last resting place of his mother and how it played a significant role in the confirmation of his bithplace.Experience the serenity and peace in and around the temple.See his family deity Lord Krishna near the main temple.Visit the crocodile ghat or location nearby where he was caught by a crocodile and how he used that opportunity for his complete renunciation or sannyasa.See the gentle flowing river Poorna or Periyar [present day name]. Open wikipedia and type Adi Shankara and read his lifehistory.Of the various webpages the one www.dlshq.org/saints/sankara by Swami Sivananda is simple and concise. Tamil readers can read 'jagatguru shri shankarasaritham' by Prof.H.Padmanaban -Rs 35/-[from Rashtra Bhasha Sansthan,kaladi centre,kanakadhara,Asram road,Kalady-683574..]

City of skyscrapers. Commercial centre. A large city with international airport and deep sea harbour, on the west coast of India on the shore of Arabian sea.Famous for spice trade. Using wikipedia and google ,browse for the historical impotance of Kochi or Cochin.Type places to see in cochin in google search box and take tips for each place ,the timings,holidays etc.Visit http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for glimpses around cochin.

Plenty of posts are available in the net about Wayanadu .  Using google collect as much information as possible.Nearest railway station is Kozhikode. Kalpetta is the dt.head qrs. Buses are frequent. Prefer an express service from Kozhikode to reach Kalpetta..A hill station with moderate height .As most of the roads cross  wildlife rich habitats follow the rules and regulations of the forest dept . THIS IS ALSO FOR YOUR SAFETY ! Click http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for glimpses on Wayanadu .For more information click  http://xploresouth.blogspot.com/  Look out for the labels at the  right side of the blog and find Kozhikode tourism and  Wayanadu tourism  and you can have all the information related to kozhikode and wayanadu.


Have you seen nature in its best? Visit Andaman and Nicobar islands and have an unforgettable experience in your life time .A total of 572 islands and islets scattered over a distance of 800 kms, the Andaman and Nicobar islands is a mini India with people from all states of the main land , directly under the control of the central govt administered by the Lt.Gr as its head. Port Blair is the capital and is well connected with the mainland by ship and air. Visit http://www.and.nic.in/ , the official website ,rich in content with complete information for a tourist. For natural lovers, and water sports enthusiasts Andaman is a paradise. The emerald canopy of luxuriant evergreen tropical rain forests lining the unpolluted silvery sand beaches that enter the crystal clear greenish blue shallow sea which in turn merge with the deep blue sea all produce myriads of colours like the feathers of a peacock to confer you a scintillating experience blended with peace and tranquility. You may experience perspiration because of high humidity and salty winds, typical of a tropical climate. Visit http://tourism.andaman.nic.in/   in for all the tourist places to visit and information related to tourism. As already told ,If you are an effective browser you would get all the information of your travel needs from the website.Visit http://picasaweb.google.com/damodaran48 for an album covering Andaman tour.


View Uttrakhand in INDIA  map.Himalayas.It has the highest potential for hydroelectric projects  .The TEHRI dam ,one of the highest in the world, is, in this state.

 Char dham –Uttrakand-Yamunothri-Gangothri-Badrinath-Kedarnath.Visiting holy shrines and taking baths in holy waters are part of spiritual life to refine and fortify the body and soul. CHAR DHAM , is one such journey ,covering Yamunothri [the birth place of river YAMUNA, Gangothri[the birthplace of mighty Ganges], Badrinath , the abode of Lord Vishnu,and Kedarnath, of Lord SHIVA. At Rishikesh, it is mandatory, to record your visit through biometrics,and obtain the ID CARD for your onward journey.

YAMUNOTHRI.HARIDWAR - RISHIKESH -DEHRADUN  -BARKAT-JANAKI CHATTI -YAMUNOTHRI.  View Google map, for further details.JANAKI CHATTI  is the base station .Get down here. You will be surrounded by the pony men,palanquin  bearers,etc. 5. KMS . Trek from here to Yamunothri. You can walk ,if you don’t have B.P. As the gradient, is somewhat half steep, opt for a slightly difficult pony ride. RS 700/- +toll 100 +50 for breakfast to pony man +25 or 50 as tips. [ 3rd week of JUNE ,2016.] Have a holy dip in the river, [ice cold ] .There is a hot spring  few feet away from the river . offer prayers ,[people soak a fistful rice in hot spring for a few mts, and the cooked rice ,thus made , is offered to  the deity and take back as Prasad.] 

Gangothri. Cars and vans can reach Gangothri, very near to the temple. Sitting carefully on the steps, have a holy dip, in the icy water,. The water current is very fast! Up in the mountain, below the icy glaciers, is Gomukh,the birth place of  Ganga.  View in Youtube !

BADRINATH  Abode of lord VISHNU. Browse for the various stories associated with  Badrinath. The journey goes through higher Himalayas .Hence consult your doctor about the tablet diamox  for high altitude sickness .Since ,landslips are common your journey may be stranded depending upon the clearance . [Most of the roads are maintained by border roads organization.] The valley of flowers  , Joshimath  are along the route. Have a darshan and offer your prayers  at  Lord Badrinath .There are large number of places for comfortable stay depending upon your budget. When everything is over visit Mana, the last post of INDIA , bordering  CHINA  and visit river Saraswathi [visible only here ] and other places of historical interest .[VYASA cave, bridge laid by BHIMA  etc,.

KEDARNATH.abode of Lord SHIVA. The entire KEDARNATH , except the temple,was ravaged by deluge during 2013 ,killing thousands of persons . see the disaster in youtube!  GOURIKUND is the base station.Kedarnath is  about sixteen kms from GOURIKUND.  You can reach Kedarnath ,by trekking or by horse or by helicopter . If you prefer helicopter ,prefer the nearest helipad  to GOURIKUND.Unpredictable weather and icy climate ! Have  darshan of Lord KEDARNATH ,  and   offer your prayers ! See the Pandavas  adorning the walls.Large number of tents ,cots ,sleeping bags ,medical facilities with doctors round the clock are available for the pilgrims. Once darshan is over,  return to GOURIKUND at the earliest !Type damodaranswaminathan in youtube and see all these places through my videos !

[TIPS.India is noted for its powerful democracy and powerful press. So many religions, languages, cultures, customs and traditions, which make India, great, in diversity. But there is a strong unity behind all these. Indians are highly accommodative, and helpful .There may be scanty respect to hygiene and cleanliness. Public conveniences are less in number and even the paid are not so clean. Indian cuisines are hot and spicy and will entice .When you are in a hotel , have an idea about the Indian Food. Click this link for more information. http://facebook.com/foodfetish  .View  the Photos  By INDIA - Jai Ho !  Most of the cities are highly congested. Stitch one inner pocket on either side of your shirt to keep travel documents,currency and the most vital things. Never travel through unreserved compartments in railways.Always prefer a/c sleeper for long distance travel.When you enter a hotel ,first ask the waiter for hot water. Never drench yourself in rains.You will catch cold,and fever which will hinder your plans.Never eat in substandard restaurants .Always prefer veg.If you like non .veg browse net for 1st class non veg.restaurants of that city.Never venture unknown waters.Summarily avoid drug pedlars,touts,middle men etc.Have the phone number and address of Indians and ask them for help ,during your itinerary in that city.[yahoo groups,my blog log,orkut etc] Since cab operators have tata sumo,tavera,qualis, and ambassador come with four or six so that you can share the expenses and make the tour economical.Prefer monsoon months for travel since the temperature would have dropped after hot months.When there is depression ,or low pressure or cyclonic storm on the eastern coast during oct and nov rains may be continuous in coastal ditricts . Make it mandatory to send your family members daily report about your location ,lodging,contact numbers etc .Try to reach your destination before 8 clock in the evening.Avail the help of http://www.tripadvisor.com/ and http://www.localyte.com/ .Use my  albums 

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